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ceea ce trebuie sa stii despre 2012

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Am citit atatea articole despre anul asta, dar o singura intrebare mi-a raspuns la nedumeririle legate de frecventa aparitiilor la o cautare google: Daca un singur om a stiut acest posibil secret teribil, si a avut destula bunavointa sa-l publice, de ce exista atatea aticole scrise de oameni convinsi de autenticitatea mesajului ?

Un posibil raspuns ar fi: Intradevar, nu este o pacaleala de 1 Aprilie, este motivul principal pentru care va aflati (cu voie sau aparent intamplator) pe blogul asta, motivul pentru care ne simtim diferiti de restul, simtim ca trebuie sa facem ceva maret si ne este imposibil sa realizam asa ceva din situatia in care ne aflam acum.

Fiinte de lumina, nu va aflati degeaba acum si aici pe pamant, ati venit cu o menire mare.

Un lucru va cer, nu va lasati purtati de ratiune si de anturaj, idei preconcepute si nepasare, mai degraba de ce simtiti in inima si sufletul vostru, el stie mai bine ce vreti defapt.

The enigmatic date of December 2012 is considered the key to a new Earth, enlightenment, the next Olympics, the introduction of the One World Parliament [we will already have the new one world financial system in place] and most importantly it is the date when the11 year sun spot activity reaching its peak solar flares.

It is this last connection with 2012 that is the most significant. 2012, even right down to the month of December, was also the date charted by the ancient world for exactly the same reasons that our scientists are aware of its significance today. For the Illuminati it is the date when they reach the fruition of their long term plan – yet even they may have misread their records. Way back in the ancient, ancient forbidden historic records of the universe, there was indeed a ‘rebellion’ and the plan reached its intended target, but it went wrong leaving everyone trapped on the intriguing and ongoing repetition or ‘groundhog day’ of the ‘Wheel of Rebirth’ which was not at all part of the intended goal. Life on other now dead planets in Orion, previous life on a now dead Mars? What went wrong? More on that later.

December 2012 marks the peak of solar flare activity ever. It coincides with our position of alignment to Galactic Center and it marks Earth’s closest tilt into the sun whereby we are experiencing extremely powerful solar flare interaction on Earth’s outer spheres.

In fact this solar flare action has already begun to pierce into Earth’s protective shield magnetosphere, and this has scientists very worried. Back in 2003 the massive X-class flares of late May led to the failure and breakdown of electrical power-stations across the world. This meant the flare had ruffled Earth’s magnetosphere. Strangely [perhaps] the ancient world also were aware of the sun spot/solar flare patterns. In fact they noted that it was happening in their own times as they entered their own ‘new age’. They also calculated ahead and were aware that it would be happening at our ‘age end’ and ‘new age’ too. With their own experience they did several things. They built underground cities for their elite or chosen ones. They charted forward so that the future generations would know about it too and the same ‘elite’ would know to take the same actions. And the ones who had warned against the thing that was done in the technologically sophisticated past which caused the original problem began what they called a ‘salvation mission’ to get people off the planet.

What was it they were so concerned about? Well it seems they were expecting an event, and that event did take place. The event was a solar flare that pierced the magnetosphere and burnt out the planet’s surface - the problem which led to the recurrent journeying into the “hell fires” etc. After the fire that engulfed the Earth no-one could live on the surface of the planet. The date of this ancient ‘age end’ was about 26,000 years ago, and also about 52,000 years ago, and around 210,00 years ago along with some other dates in there. The event was a repeating problem. In fact modern day scientists have found that the Earth registers these events in the same way that trees form rings that show their age.

Scientist Paul LaViolette has pursued this particular research and concluded that every so often the Galactic Center issues a pulse. We begin to see it from Earth when a blue haze appears from behind the sun which in the past was described as the returning Blue Star. It is the pulse which gives the appearance of a ‘blue star’ and it continues out through the galaxy to this sun which causes the sun to produce the mother of all solar flares - and it is this event that extends through to the Earth. If this occurs then of course no-one can survive on the surface when the immediate fires engulf the Earth. This may explain perhaps why most countries of the world are building massive underground cities, and why there are already existing underground cities from previous millennia.

However it wasn’t only this that concerned the ancient scientists who had extensive records of the previous times when this same event was believed to have occurred. Indeed, they had underground cities and when the world was ‘new’ again they were able to come out from the cities and start re-seeding human and animal life.

What concerned the ancients more was the actual location in the galaxy that Earth would be in at the time of the next mammoth solar flare activity [2012]. The position that caused concern, and indeed began the ‘salvation mission’, related to Earth being on the underside of galactic center, which meant the beginning of complete polar reversal - for the underside of the galaxy is the reverse spiral of the upper side of the galaxy. The ancient texts and lost ancient records inform us that an extensive mission was begun in our time of 12,000 years ago, which provided a way for firstly the physical humans to escape physically from this planet, and then as Earth moved further into the ‘age of darkness’ there were ways introduced for the soul-spirit to evacuate [this was the ‘soul salvation mission’] and return to other worlds at Home Base. They did this for the simple reason that once Earth goes into reverse, the alteration is irreversible and souls cannot get free again. The reverse acts like the unscrewing of a bottle top that causes the final and permanent separation from Original Source.

So a ‘battle’ began between the ‘forces of Living Light’ and the ‘forces of darkness’. The ‘forces of Light’ wanted you to know about the need for what seems a quaint terminology now but is never the less quite apt. They wanted you to know the reason for the ‘salvation mission’. The ‘forces of darkness’ however, wanted to ensure that you never find out.

We are in pattern with the planet, the solar system and the galaxy, all of which has moved into the gradual position of pole reversal. This becomes the coding in our DNA. Without a conscious decision to move against the pattern and align with Original Source as the Christ represented for example, then the separation process is completely automatic, no matter how nice and well meaning you are. It is also impossible to realign back just by thought for example; you have to actually be connected back to the literal force that we/you were in before we started to move into the reversal. This is something very precise and does not come form the astral realms and is definitely not instructed or ‘connected’ by beings in the ‘spirit realms’. Why not? Because they are traveling with the planet and are going into the same changes the ancient records noted for the physical Earth.

In a sense the biblical revelations was also quite accurate when it mentioned the ‘two marks’ in the forehead which automatically go into reverse. The steps to take of course are to ensure you are ‘marked’ [coded] for the ‘force’ which lifts you out of the ‘fall’ [which is how the ancient texts described the journey of Earth into the underside of the galaxy [where Earth recently relocated to].

There is until December 2012 to do this, although the stronger the connection to the ‘upward force’ the better. This is what the lost ancient records described along with the ongoing ‘secret path’ as instructed only through the masters. This is the purpose of what we at the ‘Essene School’ are and always have been about - to bring you the lost and quite significantly detailed information along with how to code yourself for the ‘upward force’ before 2012. It is not enough just to gain thermal image provable lighted areas of the brain denoting enlightenment, or brain hemisphere integration, nor is it enough to heal and clear karma and so much else that is otherwise quite good on its own. These things are great of themselves but not enough to overcome the problem. The brain, body, mind, spirit can only follow the pattern/design that the Earth experiences which because of its location now on the underside of this galaxy, has to go into reverse. It requires taking conscious deliberate and purposeful action to go against the next changing tide.

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